Inception Report  

Is a detail account of the initiation and planning process undertaken to carry out and implement the NCSA Project. The Inception and Planning Phase includes a series of planning and initiation consultation workshops and meetings with major key stakeholders who are implementers of the 3 Rio Conventions. The Inception Capacity Development Workshop Report provide a detail account of a 2 day Inception workshop conducted at the Southern Cross Hotel on the 29th and 30th July, 2008.

Stocktake Report 

Provides the Baseline Information of what is done in Fiji in addressing the three thematic areas of the convention that includes Climate Change, Land Degradation and Desertification, Conservation and Biodiversity in the following context:
1. Projects Implemented and Progress
2. Studies and Literature Reviewed
3. Reports Compiled
4. Legislation and Policies in Place
5. List of Stakeholders and Implementers of the Rio Convention

In-depth Thematic Assessment 

The in-depth Thematic Assessment Report provides an in-depth assessment and analysis of the Baseline Information established under the Stocktake Phase. It aims to highlight the existing capacity in Fiji in terms of resources and what are some capacity constraint areas to be addressed in order to be able to better address Climate Change, Land Degradation and Desertification and Conservation Biodiversity in Fiji.

UNCBD Thematic Assessment Report    

UNCCD  Thematic Assessment Report   

UNFCCC Thematic Assessment Report 

Crosscutting Report  

Is an attempt to prioritize the capacity need identified in the earlier in-depth assessment report that cut across the three Rio Conventions. The priority Crosscutting Report, have seven common issues that cut across the three conventions as listed:
• Ineffective or non-application of relevant policies and legislation
• Poor institutional networking and collaboration
• Limited systematic research and monitoring  facilities
• Lack of and/or limited relevant training and education programmes
• Relatively low awareness and understanding of conventions at all levels
• Relatively weak institutional capacity and infrastructure of key stakeholders
• Lack of adequate funding for environmental and sustainable natural resources management projects.

National Strategic and Action Plan 

The National Strategic and Action Plan provides a set of recommended strategies and programmes for capacity development in which support and assistance of both the Fiji Government and Donor Agencies is required for capacity development to better address the three thematic areas of the Rio Convention. The NSAP provides a list of 6 Programmes in which a total of 30 Projects under the 6 programs is recommended.